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674 01  Třebíč
GPS: 49.222266, 15.880862
Tel. +420 774 434 701
Tel. +420 774 434 702
Email: info@bresco.cz
Company (registration) number: 27708446
VAT No.: CZ27708446

DIAMANT Line plastic pools
More than 20 years of experience and honest work, behind which hide precise products and a professional approach to customers. This is the strongest foreign exchange of BRESCO a.s. direct manufacturer of Diamant Line pools. Pools made of the popular STERN LD® material, so-called self-supporting pools that you can completely immerse in the ground or leave them partially above the ground.
Our development center constantly monitors the latest trends in technology, design, safety, performance, equipment and environmental protection, and thanks to this, BRESCO a.s. brings to the market quality, innovative and technically sophisticated products.